I am so excited; my new Nike runners have arrived! However I am caught in a dilemma which honestly doesn’t take long to sort out. Of course there is going to be a dilemma when I go to spend that money on myself, Mom guilt. Especially as I am an independent mom with three great children.

BUT, since I ordered the runners, they have reduced in price considerably, almost halved! That
means I could get another pair of runners for one of mine and myself for almost the same price. I
absolutely love the colours and I know that one of my daughters would go wild for them. She
deserves them, as does her momma. So I arrange for the newly opened runners that have arrived to
go back. I place a new order for two more runners which are the exact same but in different sizes. I
keep it a surprise for my daughter.

So I enjoy getting out and about in my canvas runners for now.  On a couple of days the run doesn’t go as easily as I would like.  Two days on the run my legs are like pure lead weights.  What’s going on?  Why is this happening when I am very eager to get out no matter what the weather is.  It’s frustrating. 

But I stick it out as the mental health benefits for me getting out and about are HUGE.  I always feel like I have accomplished something great.  It’s time out for me with a friend who I socially distance the run with.  And only for her I probably wouldn’t have even attempted it on my own.  Thank you, my dear friend.

Why is it that when my mind wants to run around my body holds me back? 

Why is it though that when my mind wants to run around my body holds me back?  It makes everything more challenging to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  But I do it, I am NOT a quitter and I just get on with it.

Maybe I am bit more de-hydrated than normal.  I make a note of it to adjust my water intake for next week’s run and hope there is an improvement. I also wondered did I have wine the night before the runs, but to be honest I usually keep that for the weekends and even then that’s if I feel like it.

Having someone to go on a run with makes it so much easier

Having someone to go on a run with (and yes, socially distanced) makes it really good and so much easier.  The time passes so much more quickly.  We chat about everything and anything, and on the days when my legs have felt like lead, having that support and encouragement is fantastic. 

Some days we laugh, we talk work, we chat about family, the weather, partners, what we will do when we are out of lockdown.  Some days I just have a good aul (BMW) bitch, moan and whine, just to get things off my chest! Mainly I do try to look at all of the positives, but there days and I am human, despite being a hypnotherapist and helping others. 

No matter what is going on in my life. I am so lucky.  And the other thing about having someone to go out with is the whole accountability thing.  I do not like letting people down.  I wouldn’t want to let myself down by not showing up for my friend nor me.  It really does help keep me on the straight and narrow.

Some days we have to be flexible

Sometimes the days work out really well for us workwise, other times between work and family commitments we have to be flexible.  And luckily my profession allows for that, as does my friends.  I am still sticking with the downloadable weight release audios.  They are deeply relaxing at night when the positive suggestion is going into my head.  And I am exercising because I want to, and the weight is steadily reducing.  And I’ve been told that my butt is toning up very nicely too! Thank you very much for that cheeky compliment.  So it is a win, win.

Oh and our new runners arrive.  My daughter is delighted, little did I know she had been eyeing them up.  And they are a dream to run in. Have you ever done a Couch to 5k? I’d love to hear how you got on!


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