I’m actually amazed I’ve stuck it out to week 3.

Despite running on the dewy or rain soaked grass I am still eager to get up and go. I’ve two pairs of light Nike canvas runners that I’m alternating between if it’s a wet morning. It’s handy I can dry them on the rad or hot press.

I’ve also discovered how important it is to have a proper pair of trainer socks on when running. It helps cushion the soles of my feet. They are getting used to running!


So things have changed up a gear. I really like the way the couch to 5K is done. I don’t look up the next week’s agenda/programme until the morning of the switch up. I just concentrate on each run on the week concerned. I don’t want to be put off. This is so very important for me. My mindset for running and setting myself up for success. 

I’ve decided though that with overnight rainfall it’s definitely time for those runners I’ve ordered to arrive.  I know the Nike Air I ordered aren’t cheap.  At the end of the day I decided I deserve them. I hear my mam’s voice in the back of my head telling me “you’d get them for your children, start putting yourself first because you deserve it”. And I really do! I now know that this isn’t a fad. The way I hop out of the bed and the enthusiasm I have for a run is blowing me away. I know how great I’ll feel afterwards and that is seriously something you can not buy. And I’m doing it naturally.

Roll on the new runners!!

If you know someone who is doing the couch to 5k, why not share this post with them to show them it really can be done.


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