It’s week two of my running.

Something has happened to me! Even though it’s wild outside, I can hear the wind and rain on the windows and I’m so snug in my bed, I’m wide awake and spring out for my Monday morning run. This is so unlike me. I love my sleep and I don’t have to be out of bed for work yet.


I quickly get my layers on and my runners. I am struck by how cold it is when I get out of the car. I am completely unprepared for the cold nipping at my fingertips. I tuck them into my jacket as best I can. I know if I get back in the car I’ll end up back in bed. This voice in my head says stick it out, it’ll be good for you. This is a change for me. The other option would ordinarily be much more appealing, get and stay warm indoors!

I haven’t any gloves with me this time round. It’s all a learning curve. It’s around 8am and I can see some familiar faces in the park out walking their dogs or doing a run themselves. One man runs in his jeans on the path. Fair play to him, he is out moving. But I can only imagine the shafing that could cause. Definitely not appealing.

I prefer to run on the grass for my knees. My feet are soon soaked through. Again I don’t let this put me off. I keep on going. The day is very fresh but thankfully dry. Even though my feet are soaked and I can hear a squelch with each footstep I’m still moving. The voice in my head is very encouraging. It’s switched to being positive. I’m not as self-conscious and as the week goes on I’m saying “hello” with a smile as others move around the park. I’m still pinching myself that this isn’t another passing fad and
I’m getting up out and at ‘em early.

I tell my best friend what I’m doing and she thinks it is great. I tell her about my feet being saturated. She gives sound advice and points out they are canvas runners. Invest in a leather pair and ones that will support your knees. So I do a bit more research on the internet and order an appropriate pair that will give a spring in my step and cushion my knees too. I literally can’t wait for them to arrive. I also treat myself to a light windproof jacket that will take me into the summer. Wow I wrote summer. That’s amazing to think I’ll be running for months to come and it doesn’t scare me. And the other thing that occurs is to me is that I’ve definitely earned my soak in the bath!



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