The Trick or Treating of Halloween is just around the corner. Displays not only for Halloween but also for Christmas are already in the shops. Honestly, Christmas arrives in stores much earlier each year. Read on to learn our 9 expert tips to help you to stop overeating at Halloween when there are more goodies around.

Either you have young children who go out and come back with a huge haul of goodies like crisps, chocolates, and jellies on Halloween night or you prepare and buy those goodies for the children on your road.  You may have started to stockpile those tins of sweets, fun bags, and boxes of crisps for callers already because they are “such good value”.  However, because you have them to hand you help yourself.  You find that getting closer to the day you’ve to go out and buy more because you’ve eaten most or all of it.  Does that sound familiar?

And 100% it is perfectly A OK  to enjoy treats, they are one of life’s pleasures.  It’s just when you notice you are wolfing down quite a few treats and not even tasting them.  That is when you realise that you are overeating/binge eating and there is an issue.

Here are 9 expert tips to help you stop overeating at Halloween, and keep your healthy eating on track.

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  1. Donate any excess, leftover sweets and crisps to friends who have young children or maybe even to a shelter for those that do not have much in these times!  The art of giving and donating will far outweigh the fleeting feeling of the treats in your mouth.
  2. Any barm brack that is left over you can cut up into sections and freeze. Have it on occasion when you feel you want it.
  3. Keep the treats hidden away. Out of sight, out of mind. Or better yet get them out of the house altogether. Should you have bought in plenty for the neighbourhood store them    in a shed outside.  On Halloween night, just leave what you have in a bowl on the porch or a pillar at the end of the driveway.  That way you won’t see the treats and the trick-or-treaters can help themselves.
  4. Have some sugar-free gum on hand. Pop some in when you feel you need it or are tempted to have a treat.  It will keep your mouth occupied and you won’t feel deprived. The longing will go quick enough. Chewing sugar-free gum before eating treats will help curb your cravings. Or you could brush your teeth.  This works wonderfully too.
  5. Make your own healthy treats, again you won’t feel deprived or left out when others are eating around you. Should you want to enjoy a treat, decide what you really want to enjoy and stick to it, slowly, mindfully savouring each mouthful you are eating.
  6. Have a glass of water between your next helping.  Again the longing will quickly go.
  7. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what is going to bring you nearer to your long-term goal? Is that eating the treats which may trick you back into lapsing for more than one day and adding all of those unwanted pounds/kilos?
  8. Look at a photo of yourself that you have placed on your fridge or phone of the way you were before you started your healthy eating lifestyle. Take a look at yourself now! You are worth treating your body with the respect it deserves.
  9. Always remember that each new day is a re-set day and you can start afresh. Leave the guilt behind, it won’t serve you. Start each new day with a  brand new attitude you’re back on track.
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There is temptation everywhere and weekends always happen, it’s a fact!

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Why not give our complimentary positivity audio a go to help you enjoy these special times rather than dread them?

The only thing that can change is your attitude towards food, treats, water, fizzy drinks, and exercise. You decide to take back control over that part of your life that was out of control.

Your change in attitude can be achieved so much more easily when your subconscious mind, which is your feeling and emotional mind, is on board with what you want.  This emotional mind drives the behaviour and habit to perpetuate the need, the urge to eat the unhealthier foods & treats, and larger portion sizes. Change is so much easier when your emotional subconscious mind is re-educated, on board and working with your conscious mind to help you become happier in mind and body.  Hypnosis is a fantastic tool to help make that change.  The U Deserve Change audio programme just does that whilst also fitting into your busy schedule, allowing you to make better decisions around food and drink in a much more natural way!

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Have a healthy, happy and safe Halloween this year and you might also like to read some advice from the HSE.

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