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Easter is here after 40 days of Lent.  It can be so hard to resist chocolate temptation at Easter.  I have two of my three children at home right now and despite their ages, 19 and 15, there are quite a few chocolate eggs in the house.  They are on display and for some even seeing them can be a huge temptation.  The chocolate egg wrapped in the foil literally calling “Eat Me”.

Now let me tell you, I myself was a chocoholic.  I could put away several medium to large sized Easer eggs in one sitting, in-fact I never needed an excuse with chocolate.  This would increase greatly around my cycle.  I loved the taste, the feeling I got when eating chocolate and the temporary “fix” I got.  Unfortunately this “fix” never lasted long.  Then I’d have feelings of guilt, shame and disgust over what I’d done.  Beating myself up mentally with hateful, hurtful, horrible thoughts.  I would get thick with myself and the only thing to make me feel better, rather than deal with the true cause – emotions and feelings around a situation, person or event – I’d reach for another bar or Easter egg to console myself.  I knew I had to stop this viscious cycle.  I was damaging my physical health.  I had to take back control for my mental and emotional health.  I had to change and accept where I was in life and what was happening and take back control of the part of me that was out of control, whilst being kinder and more compassionate to myself.  So you see, if any of the above resonates with you, I know exactly where you are, because I was there.

Tips on how to resist chocolate temptation at Easter

My tips to help you resist chocolate temptation at Easter are

  1. Switch to a dark chocolate.  The higher the cocoa content, try any content 70% or great, the less sugar there is.  The chocolate is more bitter.  You will consume less and still feel satisfied.
  2. Put those Easter eggs out of sight.  If they aren’t on display, you are less likely to be reminded they are there and look to eat them. They don’t all have to be eaten in one weekend.  Spread them out over the year.
  3. Decide on how much you want to eat, a small egg, 1/4, half or more.  Stick with that portion size and eat slowly, more mindfully.  You will enjoy the chocolate all the more for this.
  4. Know your why, it should make you cry!  What is your goal?  Have you an outfit you want to wear at an event? is it for health reasons?  Do you want to go for a promotion and you want to feel more empowered?  Do you want to show your children that as their mam or dad once you set your mind to something you can achieve it and in doing so you are teaching them to be healthier, breaking a future cycle for your children?
  5. Gift or donate the extra eggs you have left over to a friend or neighbour.  Share the excess in work.
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Check it Out

Hypnosis has really made a difference for me, reducing or eliminating temptation.  As I write this is almost 10pm and I had a 12.5g square (half a small bar) of 85% dark chocolate the whole day.  I know I can take it or leave it.  I have been able to do this for a number of years now. It’s not to the fore of my mind at all.  Another benefit for me in breaking that chocolate addiction is there is less sugar in my body which has decreased my joint pain and I find my mood is much more stable.

There are lots of added benefits to reducing your sugar intake, take a look at this from the Mayo Clinic.

Because of the positive suggestions given during hypnosis you don’t have the same cravings, you make healthier food, drink and exercise choices and you don’t beat myself up should you choose to have something nice.  You see this is not a diet.  This is a lifestyle change.

I can tell you, for me it has made me a happier person inside and out.  I wear the clothes I want to wear and I feel more confident. Feeling good on the inside is key to how you see yourself and how others see you. Once those old habits change and you realise how amazing you are the weight comes off so much easily and naturally.  This is something Florence and I hear from the people we work with.

Check out our next 6 week online group hypnosis course for weight-loss from the comfort of you own home if you want to make this change.  If you want to stop doing the same thing over and over again and get your mind on board working for you. It just makes everything so much easier.


Andrea Dalton is a mother and clinical hypnotherapist. Over the years Andrea has had her own weight struggles and through hypnosis learnt why diets don’t work. Andrea has worked with many clients over the years, re-educated their minds through the power of hypnosis to naturally make healthier choices around food, drink and exercise. These clients have been empowered, knowing that they matter, practice self care and wear the clothes they want to wear, shining instead of hiding away, feeling good in themselves again.

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