So I’ve been having these urges for a long while now to go out and start running. I’ve been listening to our self-hypnosis audios to let go of the huge amount of excess weight I’ve been carrying around.

Part of me still feels self conscious. My body isn’t toned and I really don’t want to make a fool of myself. But now I even find myself dreaming about running mid walk down my road! Strange but true. Like when I’m out walking my dog I could just burst into a run. What’s stopping me? I don’t want to cause an injury.


So I’ve done my research and have decided I am going to give couch to 5k a go. Others do it and seem to get on fine.




The day comes, it’s a Monday. And I’m heading out in running tights, layers of tops and a woolly hat- it is Ireland after all! Oh yes and a pair of runners light ones, but at least I have a pair. I decide to head to a park but not one that’s too local. I don’t want anyone knowing who I am – like my aunt’s second cousin twice removed lol!  Part of me is pinching myself because I can’t actually believe I am going to do this. I’m making time for me. I want and need to do this for myself.

I really enjoy being up early. The kids are surprised but supportive, even though a shocked look came across their faces when I told them I was going to learn to run. Three times a week I told them I’ll be heading out, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The other days I’ll walk a bit more to recover and stick to the programme properly.

I love the warm up. They are simple but I know a must. Then a nice gentle walk for 5 minutes. I leave our dog Reggie at home, because he literally pees on every blade of grass and I want to get this right. It’s so important for me to succeed and not fail because “the dog” held me back.

Here we go I’m running for a few minutes. Ok nobody is really looking at me. That’s the first thing that has struck me. Everyone has their own thing going on. So now at least I’m not as self conscious. It’s ok. I walk for another 2 minutes and run again until before I know it I’m back to a 5 minutes cool down and some stretches. The worst stretch is I cannot grasp my raised foot up behind my leg. I’m just a bit too large and not fit enough. But I cannot believe that I enjoyed my first outing “running”, I feel it more like a “shuffle” bit at least I’m moving.

Wow the tiredness has hit me and I climb into bed not long after I get home. I get great sleep and hop into the shower. I feel more energised and really positive.

I head out again Wednesday and Friday repeating the same programme and I’ve definitely noticed how good I feel after each run. I’ve heard and have often spoken with my clients about the importance of exercise and all of the feel good endorphins that are created naturally as a result. I feel when I get out first thing in the morning my mood is so good. I definitely have more clarity and know I have accomplished something great first thing in the morning. Let’s see what week two holds for me.

Oh, if you are thinking about doing a run for the first time is look up the couch to 5k to do it properly. And definitely have a shower straight away when you get home to help ease your muscles. It’s a must!!!!

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