In this blog post, I’ll share some simple tools and strategies to help release anxiety. We all feel stressed sometimes, here are some techniques to help.

Life can be hectic

“Stop the world I wanna get off.” Have you ever heard this expression?

How powerful are these words when said at a time if you feel under some stress or anxiety?

Sometimes our world as we see it, is spinning so fast or feels somewhat out of our control. We can feel like we are on a roller coaster and we want to step off or slow it down.

Life can feel hectic. Having a never ending list of things to be done. For example when we are in work trying to meet a deadline. Or perhaps trying to match a high expectation someone has of us in a relationship.

It could be dealing with a financial challenge, or comparing ourselves to someone that we feel is better than us in some way. Situations like these can put us into a tailspin of stress or anxiety. Our ability to concentrate or focus is affected. We can make mistakes, even accidents happen. Life is far too hectic.



What can we do to prevent this high pressure feeling impacting our lives physically and mentally?

  • Firstly being aware that we are in this position. Identifying the cause, putting awareness on it and then looking at ways on how to reduce the stress.
  • Talking it through with someone, in the family or a good friend. If speaking with a professional is preferred, this may help to put some light on it.
  • Even sitting down to write out the negatives around the stress can help to see the problem area more clearly.
  • Using meditation to quieten the noisy over active mind can be very helpful.

This can help to put some order on it, then starting to put a plan together to improve the situation. Small steps can show improvement. One step at a time. Instead of trying to “stop the world, I wanna get off” it can be “embrace life and enjoy the ride.”

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