My Dad was a funny man. He had a lot of sayings that would make you laugh. I think he made most of them up!
As one of three girls, one brother plus my Mam too in the family he would hear a lot of talk from us girls about diets and how to fit into this dress or that pair of trousers.
All the new fad diets would be discussed and started and then they would be dropped as soon as they started.
  • What clothes made you look slimmer?
  • When was the best time of the day to weigh yourself?
  • Getting portion sizes right and where to put the measuring tape when measuring yourself.
We would be searching through magazines and admiring all the skinny models. If there was a slimming article it would be discussed at length (usually over dinner!).
There were slimming wheels, pills, exercise machines, even a suit you wore which made you sweat so you weighed less. The Spanx garment to suck you in created great excitement.
On TV, among many celebrities, there was Mr. Motivator, the Green Goddess, Jane Fonda workout videos. They all had weightloss/fitness routines that tempted us with the promise of losing weight and getting fit.
It seemed at every corner there was a slimming vibe of some sort going on. Joining slimming clubs and getting weighed and feeling bad if the scales showed weight was up and celebrating on the way home if there was a loss. The scales, the slimming class leader could make or break you.
In the meantime, my Dad, who loved listening to us, would be so amused and constantly told us we were gorgeous just as we were. With a wicked sense of humour he would say “All you have to do is get your ass outta the fridge”! How right he was. But it didn’t seem so easy!
It’s amazing. Sometimes when I look into the fridge I remember my Dad’s words and it just makes me smile.
All we needed was to get our mindset sorted and it all could have changed naturally. It was the piece of the jigsaw we were missing and then getting “our ass outta the fridge would have been a breeze.
Years later, finding hypnosis made the process easy and natural.
But thanks Dad for that little nugget of advice, said with so much love. What great advice it was.

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Florence Bray

Florence Bray

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Florence Bray is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in helping women over forty to release their excess weight. Both Andrea and Florence are specialists in supporting you to change your thoughts and habits and to love and accept yourself on your weight release journey.

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