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Clinical Hypnotherapists

We are specialists in weight release.  We purposely don’t talk about “weight loss.”

Why? Because words matter. What happens when you lose something? You spend all your time frantically trying to find it again! 

We know that you are ready to finally RELEASE the excess weight that’s been holding you back. And that you have absolutely no interest in letting it creep back on again. 


Why should you put your faith in us?

We (Andrea Dalton & Florence Bray) are qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists with many years of combined clinical experience. Through our own lived experience with weight issues we have a deep understanding of how carrying excess unwanted weight can damage your health and confidence.

If you’re ready to stop letting your weight hold you back from embracing and enjoying your life to its fullest, then you’re in the right place.

Through our years of clinical experience with clients who had struggled with their weight, we are fully confident  in the power of hypnotherapy. 

Book a clarity call today to find out how we can help and guide you on a successful weight release journey, to achieve your ideal weight, size and shape.

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